Waste Segregation

Save significant amounts of money by having your waste correctly segregated.

What is waste segregation?

Waste segregation is the process of separating waste, so that certain types of waste can be easily recycled. In the past, Just Skips have provided assistance and solutions for efficient waste segregation.

A significant cost saving may be achieved from companies who, for example, separate plastic waste, metal waste, wood waste and general waste into separate skips/containers. A skip containing only metal waste is usually significantly cheaper than a skip containing mixed waste.

Why is Recycling Important?

Waste recycling is important for many reasons: -

  • Cost Saving – Landfill taxes are forever rising to discourage landfill waste disposal. By recycling waste, we can divert recyclable waste away from expensive landfill sites and deliver them to transfer stations. The transfer stations are able to segregate and recycle the waste far cheaper than landfill disposal. As a result, the costs are passed onto the customer through cheaper skip hire.
  • Energy Saving – Products produced using raw materials consumes more energy than ones produced with recycled materials. By using less energy, we help the environment by producing less harmful by-products and emissions (such as CO2).
  • Saves Natural Resources – Waste recycling saves natural resources. Raw materials that would be used to produce a recycled product are preserved, as well as natural resources that indirectly produces a product, such as fuel for producing energy.

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